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Update: Eric Townsend Memorial

Todd Kartchner

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The contest will be a USAWA event, held in Tempe, AZ. November 5, 2005, weigh-ins begin at 9:00 a.m.; contest begins at 10:00 a.m.

The events:

(1) Grippers (Mash Monster cert rules, point system)

(2) 2-hand Pinch Grip (USAWA rules)

(3) 1-hand Fulton Bar Deadlift (Fulton bar is a 2" barbell) (USAWA rules)

(4) Rectangular Fix (USAWA rules)

(5) 1-hand Vertical Bar Lift (USAWA rules--differs from European rules)

(6) Middle Fingers Deadlift (USAWA rules)

[You can look up USAWA event rules at www.usawa.com.]

Entry fee is $30 and includes BBQ lunch and snacks. Must also be USAWA member--membership cards will be available at the meet.

Although bending will not be an official event, we will have a bending competition during lunch. (Before he died, Eric was focused on bending the IM Red.)

Eric's parents are coming out from California for the event, so we want to make this a day they'll remember fondly.

If anyone needs a registration form, please PM me. Thanks.

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Sounds like a great contest Todd! I'm a current member and I'll see if I can swing it.

Do you have any grippers in between the #3 and the #4? That would be the only "problem" that I have with the other USAWA grip comps I went to. And that's not really much of a problem, but there are some who are above the #3 (barely) but not even close to the #4 and it might be nice to weed some more people out that way.

If I can make it, and if you're interested, I could bring a few Elites with me. They should both be above most #3s.

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That would be great, Ben. I have an Elite as well, but yours may differ in strength and give us more options.

Hope you can make it. (Bill Clark should be offering more details in his next newsletter.)

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