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To Joe Roark

Rick Browne

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I was going through the few copies of "Strenght @ Health mags. that I have left. ( the ex-squaw torched 90% of my copies back in `82).

Anyway, issue March 1978, has a pic. of Alexeev one hand snatching 2201/4, as an exhibition feat. He could not compete due to a wrist injury of the right hand. This event was held in Las Vegas, entitled "The Record Makers".

The pic shows Alexeev in about a 3/4 squat position. thighs  above parallel and weight locked out. Would this be considered a comparison to the Devise lift of Batta, that you posted about some time back?

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No, not really. The one hand snatch is a non-stop movement from floor to finish. The devisse is a form of bent press, which

requires a stop at the shoulder, then a pressing of the weight upward as the body is leaned downward.

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That`s clear.... I now think the devisse is a more difficult movement.  and a one arm snatch of high poundage is common among elite olympic lifters?

Thanks Roark

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I seem to recall that Alexeev was paid an extra stipend for every world's record that he lifted, and the 220 snatch was supposedly for the additional income.  Joe, has anyone done more than 100 Kg left-hand snatch = was this a world's record?

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Alexeev injured his arm, but didn't pull out of the contest, he kept snatching with one arm. I think he ended up breaking his old record with 255lbs or something later on.

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I'm not up to speed on how the one hand snatch

records stand, but allowing for bodyweight, certainly

Alexeev's 'exhibition' lift (was there a judge present

who knew how to judge a one hand snatch) is sur-

passed by Charles Rigoulot (one of the men to lift the

Apollon wheels), and Goerner who were capable of

lifting approx. their own bodyweights in the movement.

See Ironman July 1981 for an in-depth discussion.

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