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A New Addiction...

Justin Reagan

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First it was steel bending. I won't ever be able to give it up unless I am forced to. Now I've found a new one. Card tearing!!! I went to a bunch of different stores and got a lot of different brands. I ended up going to about 4 different dollar stores and buying some Mavericks, "made in China" cards, some called "Vegas style" (comes with dice...), some Champions, some Hoyles, and some little miniature decks--just for kicks. Then I went to Wal-mart and bought some Gold Crowns and VIPs. Enough to keep me busy for a while. I was going to wait until my workout tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait. I tried some cards out of a Gold Crown deck. I'm quite sucky at it, as I got 21 cards and then 15 cards. I wasted the rest of the cards by trying too many and accidentally tearing them up individually. But it sure was fun, and I ended up losing a lot of sweat.

Justin Reagan

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yeah man, cards are crazy addicting. when me and my training partner started our whole grip obsession, we started with cards. it is one of those things that become easier with time (as you get the technique down and what not)...clay wrote a killer article on it which i used to help me out; check out that.

i gradually increased the amount of cards i would rip...going from 20 to 25 to 30 and so on until i could do a full deck. i also kept a paper bag, deemd the card bag, with markers on the bag for all the different card levels i had torn (say, 20 cards, 25 cards, etc, etc), which were marked off when i had completed the task. it served as a constant reminder of my goal; when cards were torn and a new goal was reached, i would dump the card halves into the bag and mark off a label.

you will get there in no time...just keep at it, and try to go for an additional card each time you do it. ignore the paper cuts (they can get really nasty sometimes) and just tear like a champ

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