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Jesse Marunde Continentaling and jerking 140 lb

Bill Piche

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Marx's famous db's were 132 and 143 lbs; each had a

handle diamter of 2.75", and as you mentioned, Nathan,

each handle was wrapped in loose foil to confound the

effort. So depending on how thick the foil of his day was,

say 1/8" thick? then the bells were up to 3" diameter.

Also, on a barbell with 2.75" diameter Marx was able to

one hand snatch 154! Imagine the force in that!

A modern can of soda is approx 2.5" in diameter.

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I posted a link on the Diesel Power Forum and they deleted the post saying they were cracking down on using full names and the other crud.

If anyone has been there and read what goes, that's pretty funny.  

I probably post the first real decent post in days besides bickering, flaming, and other crap and they delete it!

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Sorry, but I had to remove the photos. Apparently there was some misunderstanding as JV Askem told me to remove them when I thought he gave permission.

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This post of the Jesse photos is my fault. I received them

with an email from someone whom I thought had permission

for the photos to be posted here. Turns out that was not

the case. I have apologized to JV, and now apologize to the grip board guys for the whole turn of events.

I thought it was okay and it was not.

Wannagrip was trusting me as I had trusted the person who

sent me the photos. Buck stops with me.

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Guest baldy

For those that missed it, know that it was huge and you will not see many people doing it. I would be very pleased getting that much weight overhead on my IDB, much less a bulky, long 3" OD bar.

Again, way to go Jesse! Thanks to those who tried to give us the pics, that stinks about the misunderstanding. Glad I saw that before it went away, I will think about it next time I start to wus out early on my IDB overhead work.

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Guest Gripintime


I have been in contact with JV Askem.  There was a misunderstanding regarding the posting of the photos of Jesse.  Joe Roark and I exchanged e-mails regarding this.

JV Askem runs a web site called 'The Cable Guy'.  The photos are his property.  His web site is pretty good for strength enthusiasts.  He even has a seperate section for grip.  JV has been working with Jesse for a couple of years and is very good friends with him.  JV has a link to the GripPage on his site.  However, he has tried to go on the Grip Board to explain the mix up but he couldn't log in.  He sent the links below to me and we agreed that I would put up this post and links for him.  Sorry for misunderstanding.  These links will take you to sections on his site dedicated to Thick Bar Lifting and in there you will find the photos of Jesse with 140lb, 3" dumbbell overhead lift.

Below is a 'cut/paste' of the e-mail recieved this morning.

Hope I posted this correctly.

CLICK > <http://www.olympus.net/personal/cablebar/GRIPX.htm>

CLICK > <http://www.olympus.net/personal/cablebar/THICK2.htm>

CLICK > <http://www.olympus.net/personal/cablebar/index.htm>

Thank you.

Best Regards, JVA

and Gripintime.

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Guest Gripintime

By the way, I was also the one who originally sent the pictures to Joe after exchanging e-mails with JV Askem.  The misunderstanding over these begins and ends with me.

Sorry for problems that I may have caused the administrators.

I thought that I had the original OK to share these with the GripPage community.   Please use the above links to view them.

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