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Sledge Hammer Variation


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Did some bending today and got a PR of 4 grade 5s at 6"X1/4" and then did some sledge levering and found a variation I can not recall anyone ever mentioning. I was thinking about Smitty's article on Big Pulling and he was doing some wrist curls behind the back and...anyway wrist curls for bending. Hold the sledge (I was using a plate loadable with 3lbs on it) at the end of the handle with the head of the sledge just like you were going to touch it to your nose. Then turn it parallel to the floor and then start doing wrist curls with it raising your knuckles to the ceiling and then back down. Unlike wrist curls I have done before the torque this puts on your hand and wrist is awesome. The weight is not much but you know it is diferent when you are using one hand and the weight is at the end of the sledge. Try it out and let me know how you think.


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