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Nathan Say

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Are there any people who have closed the 3 & then stopped? It's sort of similar to those people who get their driver's licence & don't know how to drive or people who get a degree & then forget everthing within a couple months of graduating. If someone gets certified then quits & gets weak, should they still be certified or should they have to get their certificate 'renewed' every so often?

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Guest baldy

Great idea, while we are at it let's take away all the strength records set by Goerner and the other dead old timers, they aren't lifting anymore anyway...

You have to be kidding. Someone gets certified, that means they DID something. Doesn't say anything more or less.

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Take into consideration strength levels rise and decrease with time, sickness, etc.  An example happened to me just today:  I went to close a 370-PDA rated IM #3.... and couldn't do it.  Came within maybe two milimeters of it closing.  But when I qualified for certification on my 411 - I smoked it!!  I mean, I was able to close it four times and maybe even more.

Of course, you're goal is to close the #3 with absolutely no doubt (which is what I did).  :)

Nobody - NOBODY is 100% EVERYTIME.  (With the possible exception of WannaGrip!  I am in awe of him!!  :p  :p  ).

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