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I Finally Broke Down...

Justin Reagan

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I couldn't find any 1/4" CRS for less than $1/foot, so I bought me some more blues. Similar price to other CRS that I've found, but more consistent. I forgot how hard they are. In the past several weeks, the hardest things that I have bent were 40d's (they're actually quite tough). I did some pretty hard isometrics with 60d's and my mutant 1/4" HRS, but the 40d's have been the hardest to fully bend. (5" is definitely my lower limit for DU bending. After that, for 30d's and 20d's, I go to an almost Brookfield style DO bend.) Both the HRS and the CRS that I've bought recently (before the blues) are crazy hard. I'm going to have to start at 7 or 8 inches with both of them and work my way down.

Also, the way my hands and wrists have been feeling, I think I'm going to stick with only one really tough bending session a week. More than one has been making me hurt more than I should. I know I'll have aches and pains, but it's bad when they never go away. Maybe 2 or 3 bending sessions a week, but just one really hard one. I know, I know. That's what everybody has been saying all along. It's just so hard to cut back. :whistel:D

I'm still asking everyone I can think of where to buy steel. I've had a few false leads, but still no success. I'm still looking.

Justin Reagan

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look in the phonebook, and phone places u think might know about places that sell the shit.

phone some welding shop dealy, and be like hey do u guys sell 1/4'' CRS round stock, if hes like no, be like do you know a steel distributor any place that sells it.


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