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All Grip Monsters-please read this!

Rick Walker

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Okay-heres my situation.

I can close the #2 and now I am capable of 10 second holds with the #2 and 5 pounds (as of last Thursday).  My #3 must be a BEAST cause I can only get the handles to paralell, sometimes ??? !  And even when using my leg, I find it extremely difficult to close!

My COCs are not calibrated and I dont have the $$ to get them calibrated.  But, i do want to purchase a PDA gripper that will be inbetween the #2 and #3.

What do you all suggest?  Give me specifics if possible!


Rick Walker :hehe

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I ordered a 325 and I found it almost as hard as my #3. Heath has a 285 #2 that would stop many certified COC. Nick McKinless has a 450 that is easier than his 499.

Take a guess on a 325-335 (that's the average closing torque of a BBM).

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Guest DavidHW

Think of it  this way. Your No. 2 is probably around 290, your No. 3 around 420. Given your timed holds, and what you say about getting your No. 3 to parallel, your max is probably just beyond your current No. 2, say, about 310-320. I'd keep working on heavier strapholds with the No. 2, throwing in some reps-to-failure days also, and then go with what Tou suggests, something in the 325-335 range. Anything more is too much (for now), and anything less you'll be able to surpass fairly quickly if you redouble your efforts with the No. 2 you've got.



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Yeah, something between the ranges of 320-350.  Try that.   :)

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