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2005 Australian Grip Championships

Arthur Antonopoulos

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I've just finished the general format of the site and have uploaded the first version of the rules for the competition. Mikael and Nick still have to review them so there will be amendments made soon. I'll also be uploading pictures with the lift descriptions soon I hope.

AGC Details

Have a look and please feel free to contribute to the process anyway possible, ideas, suggestions, pictures, etc. Hopefully we can start really promoting this competition by the end of this month.

David (Gripmaniac),

Let me know if you got my email.



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Great work on the site!

The addition of pics is sure to generate a lot interest.

I'll chat to you off board RE: helping promote the comp.


BTW - I've now recovered from my extended liquid Fri lunch :cool

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The organizers of the European Championship and the Australian Championship are of the opinion that DO places more emphasis on overall upper body strength and less emphasis on hand/wrist strength. This is exemplified by the fact that excellent DO benders are commonly defeated in allround forearm strength competitions by competitors that bend using the DU or reverse style. Most people bend DO but two out of three champions in the biggest grip strength competitions in the last few years (BFGS, GGC and European Championship) bend reverse (David Horne) or DU (big Steve). I believe there is more cross-over effect to other areas of the grip with DU and reverse style than with DO.

I always get a real good pump in my upper body from doing a full bend (the latter half is done DO).

This has been reworked a million times on this board.

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