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My grip goal


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    My grip goal at the moment is to be able to pinch 2 30's. At the moment my max is 2 10kg's for 6seconds.

Here's the training i'll do: Tuesday & Thursday

                               Pinch 10kg for time. (warmup)

                               Pinch 2 10kgs for MAX time, 2 sets

                               Plate Curls, 2 sets

                               MAX Fingertip Pushups, 2 sets

Please give me all the feedback possible.

I've just started grip training and i think making a goal for yourself then training specifically for it is the way to go.


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Setting a goal and working towards it is definetly the way to go.  Your routine looks solid.  I like the holds.  I feel that they are the best way to develop hand strength.

After a few sessions you'll probably want to change things up, to try a few new exercises or to work your hands from "different angles."  Keep the pinching, as it's your main goal, but rotate the other exercises every couple of weeks.

That way, you won't get stale with the same thing over and over.

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Thanx man, how old were you when you started grip training??

What were your starting pinches and how long did it take you to reach the point you're at now??

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I've been doing hammer curls and playing with cheapo grippers ever since I starting working out, probably when I was about 15.  I've been really into the grip stuff for about 3-4 years, but the intensity has been way up the last 2 years.

When I first started pinching about 2 years ago, I think I could holds 25's for maybe 15 seconds.  It took about a month to lift 35's, and about 2 more months to finally get the 45's.

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