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My First Arm-wrestling Experience


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I just wanted to report on my first experience.

Just as when I got started in Strongman training, I had to make the 2 hour trip to the big city. It seems that I can never find anything local. Anyway, as I expected my first time I was no match for any of them. That was okay though because I went to learn. I don't expect to be good for several years.

I learned alot about grip and technique.......still not sure I can even get that part right.

I was surprised that most of the guys there were about the same hand size as me, but they were much lighter. I have noticed that armwrestlers are very light and lean before this.

We pulled for 2 hours. I had fun but felt like I had entered a bizarre world......a whole new demension in strength.......or was it closer to slight of hand. I felt like I was participating in a magic show......a show of manipulating your body's leverage to your advantage. Very weird.

It seemed as though these guys spent very little time online. They didn't talk about grippers or sledge hammers at all. However, they did talk of rope climbing and DB wrist curls with outrages weights and I believe every word of it. I could not turn any of their wrists. I also have no backpressure. They also like preacher DB partials.

Another thing they seemed to have tremendous finger tip strength. They don't do finger walking sledges. They get most of their strength from practice, which I already knew was of top priority.

I even got to practice in the strap which I had hoped would even it up some........not a chance, but it's ok, it's only my first time.

I got the feeling all these guys were at least national caliber or better by the conversation of all the tournaments and where they were held. Apparently a major one is coming up in Arkansas in about 2 weeks. I can't make it next week. The week after is the tournament so maybe 3 weeks from now I can hit it again.

I've got to find someone closer..............

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your gonna be sore, any name of the guys?

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Yes, I am sore. I just realized it playing around with some bolts and cards. It's going to be bad. I think I'm "hooked".

I meet up with Dave Patton's group. Travis Bagent goes there to but couldn't make it tonight. Dennis Rogers use to go there to.

These guys were like trying to take down a tree or a wall.....they wouldn't budge. They all really helped me though. I enjoyed it so much. It was just so weird pulling at those angles.

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Dont worry buddy Im still going through the same process. These guys are some of the strongest strength athletes around. I figured being decent in powerlifting and other gym lifts that I would do ok but it just isnt the case. You will get better though.

If you dont mind me asking what were some of the poundages these guys were hitting on partial curls, wrist curls etc.?


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DB precher curls with 140. Wrist curl DB 120-140. I'm getting about 80-90 on the wrist curl and have to admit I have negleted my biceps. One guy did a pull up using one finger on each hand. I had to use two but weighed 50 more pounds.

BTW........with that soreness already setting in, I still tore two different brands of cards still in the pack tonight.. I think I finally got this one.

I know it's not smart, but I use to do the same thing after a bench contest, I wouldn't be satisfied and come home to max out again.

They might pin me but they can't make me sore enough to quit.

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Be careful with doing things when you are sore from armwrestling. The pain can go from bad to debilitating very quickly!


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...And whatever you do , do NOT try to throw anything! The pain... :cry

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Thanks for the report Gary..You must have learned a ton of stuff in those couple hours!!

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