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Ironmind Wrist Roller


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I have an ironmind wicked wrist roller which is a few years old now.

What I'm wondering is the one they have out now still got the cord knotted inside the roller so you get that annoying bump when it's rotating around a bar. Or have they adjusted it to make it rotate smoothly.



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If you want it to roll smoothly, just sleeve a piece of PVC pipe on the inside. Works like a charm.

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Cheers underdawg

I've done that also used a hose clip.Both ways beat the bump.But I'm still curious what ironmind has done to improve their roller.Think I'll drop em an e mail.

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The latest one is set up to roll on a one-inch bar. The latest picture of it looks as if the cord is still knotted inside of it.

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their wrist rollers are too expensive.

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