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Kids And Grip Training


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Anyone know of any kids that can close the Trainer?  Or the #1?   ???

I know about Kinney's son (Joe, Jr.) closing the #1.  And Wanna's son is grip training, too.

I'd like to find some kid (10 or under) who can MASH the Trainer.  I think I'd pay good money to see that!!!   :p  :p

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A strong kid indeed-and with some training-a possible canidate for the #4!

I have a 15 year old powerlifter I am training that can close the #1 pretty easy and pick up 120 on my thick PDA farmers with each hand with ease.  He doesn't really train grip alot, but he is BIG (5'10" 200lbs) for his age and has large hands.  He will be freaky if he stays with it! :D

For the record-my wife is near touching the handles of the #1 :0 !  She is tired of me having to open jars and do other grip related things, so she is stepping up and taking matters into her own hands- :p .  I have her doing strap holds with a store bought gripper right now.  I know, we should get the trainer-but I dont want to spend $$ on it and have her quit in 2 weeks. :crazy .  We shall see....

Rick Walker :hehe

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I'm not younguy but I am 15 and can close the #3.  I've talked to Dr. Strossen and have already gotten witnessed.  I still need to get a close-up pic though... :crazy

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What about kids under 10 years old?  Ya think that they've got grip strength.... at least enough to close a Trainer or a #1?   ???

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i think your best bet there is goin to be a young farm kid or somethin.  let's face it, they use their hands much more than most kids do anymore (unless a playstation controller counts)

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