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Rb Grippers


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Hey all,

Nothing important, just a thing I've been wondering lately. How come does the RB gripper resistance range go as follows: 70-100-130-160-180-210-240-260-300-330?

The resistance seems to go up nicely by 30 lbs. but then you have the 180's and 260's that are anomalous. Is there a particular reason for this?

Again, nothing I've lost sleep over.


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Probably like that to take up gaps in other brands of grippers. Since IM only has the basic 5, other companies have filled in the levels between the 2 and 3, 3 and 4.

Beefbuilders and RB seem to be the most diversified, of the readily available grips.

RB even offers some of their grippers in "narrow" spreads. Very nice feature for those of us who have average sized paws.


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When I compiled the Gripper Rankings Update..I spoke to RB..some of his resistance is from him winding the coils a bit tighter, so it was difficult to compare wire to wire because of this.

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Yup, i think rating a RB gripper from 210 until up is not doable.. They just vary too much!

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I saw someone saying he felt a couple were easier than their intended ratings -- do you, or does anyone, find this to be true with a lot of his grippers, or was the fellow just hitting the kind of individual variance you can expect from any maker's grippers?

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