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I luv pinching!


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Hey fellas,

            I'm finally starting to actually get outside & do sum grip training! & i hav to say that i luv pinching, its the best training anyone could ever do in my opinion. I'm now pinching 2 10kg plates bak to bak. The next progression has to be 2 30lb plates bak to bak. I think i'll just keep pinching the 2 10kgs until i can hold then for over a minute. Then i hope i'll be able to pinch 2 30lb plates.


Catchya later

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Luv that pinching, huh?   :p    :p

Don't fall in love with JUST pinching, however.  Train your crush and supporting grip, too.     :)

However, I say work on your pinching for now.  It will help on developing your other parts of the grip!!   :D  :D

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Quick tip. Being the super fast reader that I am I sometimes miss stuff I ought to have picked up on. So... I was going through my complete collection of David Hornes Iron Grip courses when I noticed a tip I hadn't read before.

In my training for the 2 hand Pinch grip I have managed 102 kilos with a target of Mr Hornes 120 kilos plus. I have been using a reverse grip on the heaviest weights and not the normal style. However, (tip time) I just saw this comment.

When 2 hand pinch gripping grip the plates as though you were trying to bend the plate. This will give you more pounds/kilos. I tried it with a light weight and boy bit felt easy. In fact just doing that little move meant I barely had to hold the weight. It was ike a vice.

Happy lifting :D

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Whoa, back up, Mob!  2-hand pinching with a reverse grip is a completely new idea to me.  Do you straddle the weight?  Can you lift more?  Would it count in a grip contest?  Is it easy to make the switch after you're warmed up?  I have got to try this out!  I remember reading the same tip from Mr. Horne and there was a photo of Steve Sherwood pinching with two hands but with both thumbs on the same side of the plates.  Since the thumbs give you less friction than the fingers, I find that is the weakness in PR pinching.  So, does a reverse grip solve the problem or just redistribute the available friction?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Thanks for any input.

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Hi T/Dave, I should think, unless the rules specifically state otherwise that a reverse grip is perefectly ok for comps. It works for me. Yes I straddle the weight. This is allowed in Grip comps. Indeed you have to in order to do it as required. IE: stand up as far as possible with the legs straight. In other words like a stiff legged deadlift using a pinch grip. This way the plates end up somewhere near the groin...!!

And yes I can lift more weight. Using the normal method I get about 80 kilos / 176 pounds right now and over 100 kg / 220 pounds with the reverse grip.

However, I find in order to make it less of a strain on the wrist that I have my hands wider apart than using normal grip. I then have to be careful not to allow my hands to end up too far down the side of the discs.

That said I may also try this 'plate snapping' trick using both grips... That may also help with the thumb thing. That said my one hand pinch is useless :angry:

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