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Reflections on a golden aye


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Having been, what some would consider, obsessed with

Thomas Inch and his dumbells for the past year, there are

some conclusions that have homesteaded in my mind:

No man in history has one hand overheaded the 172 lb

Inch dumbell clean. This includes Inch and Saxon. Others,

who never laid a hand on the Inch would have been able to.

Marx & Apollon, being two such men.

Several men would have been able to Continental the bell

in the style that Phil Pfister used at the 2002 Arnold show.

Most strongmen would be able to two hand the bell to the

shoulder, then using one hand, jerk it overhead. These same

men would not be able to military press it with only one hand,

but could use various degrees of jerk, or lean,  to succeed.

Having overheaded the bell, no one would be able to control

the descent and gently replace the bell on the floor using

only one hand all the way down without resting the bell on the

upper thigh or some other oasis.

No man has yet deadlifted two of the 172 at the same time.

No man has yet farmer's walked with two 172 Inch replicas,

though it is my opinion that Mark Henry could do this if he

had access to two of them.

I have a hunch that at the Oscar Heidenstam Dinner later this

month some of these conclusions may have to be amended,

and hopefully mobsterone will post those newsy morsels of

history right after they happen.

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Wonderful reading as always!  

Some  questions: Have you seen any movies with Apollon as actor? Does the movies still exsist?


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Stopped by the U of Illinois film archive some years ago to

see if their vault contained Mare Nostrum, the film Apollon

was in. No luck.

There is a photo of Apollon from the film in MUSCLE POWER

Jul 1947 p 33, and in YOUR PHYSIQUE Nov 1947 p 31.

As I recall, there have been three movies of this title.

Just checked IMDB (internet movie data base) and it

appears there were two such movies, 1926 and 1948,

with the former being relevant here. Apollon Uni, as he

is listed in the cast of characters played 'The Triton'.

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Mystic Roark oh swami what prey tell is in the future :D I can only hope that young Mr James is a strong as he says he is and we will see him push press the Millennium dumbbell overhead. In fact we are trying to see if we can have pads of some sort on the floor because I for one will be a running if it comes crashing down :crazy If and only if 1st CoC is 'a coming' with 2 of the Inch replicas would I see if I could walk with them...

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Of course, he's one of the (three he he;) ) men to put it overhead. He two handed it up the body with one around the handle and one under a globe and took, if memory serves, seven attempts in this style to push press the beast up. This has been written up on by Alan Radley and myself in Milo.

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At a throws meet get together Steve (the rock lifter) Jeck and I saw shotputter Andy Bloom nearly millitary press the Inch seated...get this.. on a folding chair in a grass covered field!It was scary! He easily push pressed it standing that day as well.

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What Richard failed to mention is that he has a pic of Andy Bloom on his Sorinex site push pressing the Inch (in the "Living Strong" section).  Here is the pic:


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