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Clinic Announcement

John Wood

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To all those interested: on March 23rd, 2002 at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky there will be a "two man" strength training clinic with Kim Wood, Strength Coach of the Cincinnati Bengals since 1975, and Richard Sorin, the first Captain of Crush.  Kim Wood is one of the key proponents for training the grip for combat sports...Richard Sorin, quite possibly could have the strongest grip of any man on the planet.  Grip training might be a key topic of the day.  All gripsters should be aware of this "hands on clinic."  Information is available from Dr. Ben Oldham, Athletic Director, Georgetown College (502) 863-8000.

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Kim Wood is, in my opinion, The Dean of Strength Coaches.

He has long believed in thick bar training, has a kinship with

the history of iron, and in a profession where sometimes the

moniker 'strength coach' has all the impact of 'personal

trainer' he actually is in the right profession; indeed may be

the 'leader' of that profession.

Also, and this is a large also, no matter his love for history,

he is not stuck on old training methods, but uses whatever

vintage or newer techniques that WORK!

If you can take advantage of attending this seminar, if there

is a Q&A section, you are in for a treat; Kim has STORIES,

oh, does Kim have stories about some of the strongest men

on the planet.

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Stories? Like what Roark? Tell me tell me!  ;)  :) I've heard about how on the bench press where he started out at 135 reps w/135lbs & worked up to 260 reps w/260lbs. What else does he say?   :hehe

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Nathan, (see corrections below)

Kim should tell his own stories. But it was he sitting in a

kitchen transcribing the Nautilus Bulletins as Arthur Jones

meandered the room dictating them. Kim was in on the

ground floors of Nautilus and Hammer Strength, has helped

Ken Shamrock with his training, has decades of experience

with various training philosophies, knows the real stories

about Casey Viator's training, and so very much more.

Kim has an almost photographic memory (so do I but mine

doesn't get past the 'negative' stage) and can recount details

to an almost footnoteworthy degree. He also has a handle on the history of iron as well as a love for its artifacts.

So, until he sits to write his memoirs, and who knows when

that will be, if ever, the best to be hoped for is one of his

seminars. If he ever invites you to lunch, even if you have

just won the Viking Grubfest contest that morning at breakfast, don't pass up the meal, and the conversation!


corrections: Well. I told you my memory was not so great:

Kim tells me that he had nothing to do with Bulletin #1

but was involved in Bulletin #2 not in the kitchen but in the

dining room; and he was not transcribing as AJ wrote, but

in fact was proof-reading the material after AJ had typed it.

But there was absolutely no correcting needed after AJ had

typed it.

The most impressive factor is that AJ had NO OUTLINE when

he began, he wrote it as he went along. Kim and AJ would

during the course of those 48 hours take periods of sleep,

and when Kim would awaken there would be more pages to

proof-read. After it was proofed it was sent to the publisher.

Whether it was sent from the kitchen or the dining room, I

am unclear...I was right: Kim should tell his own stories.

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Guest Jeff Roark

I live about two hours from Georgetown, Ky. I think I will put in for a day of leave on that day and try to make it up there. Are any of you guys going to go? Also can you bring cameras and maybe camcorders? I would love to meet Richard for sure! I am... hey I just noticed it was on a Saturday. Hey Heath do you want to come up and meet me in London and we'll go up there from there?

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