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Bearcat 74

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Just got back from training with Clayton......WOW!  He RIPPED 2 45's off the ground with 2 fingers, and I do mean RIPPED.  Then he did some farmers walks with 45's, and then tossed what I workout with from hand to hand.  Very impressive, 150 is coming up I think.......

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Scott, kick Heath in the rear for me. He knows what for!

Great job on the pinch. No, worldly job on the pinch!

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Kick me?  What for?  I'm training hard, I bet I've bled more than you have if that means anything......

What was it you said Scott, "in the shadow of greatness even excellence looks weak." That's why I'm not impressive, I'm in the shadows.  Plus, I'm just weak.......

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Guest Jeff Roark

Hey Scott I have this huge pimple on my.... awesome job Scott! Your strength is unbeleivable. I can't recall reading anywhere about someone doing 45s with two digits! I'm sure someone will correct me here if it has been done.

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Ahhh, you wuss Heath. :)

Get a picture guys!

That would be great for the gallery beside Richard Sorin's two finger pinch.

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