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Nathan Say

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i've only tried it once, with 1/8" X 3/4" HR flat steel.  this was not very hard to bend, but after all the constant bending and twisting my hands were fried.  i think the flat steel looks very good when scrolled too.

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Likewise, I've scrolled flat 1/8"-thick steel and if done slowly and smoothly, you can get some very nice artistic curves.

I think a brass rod (say 1/2" thick) would be fun to scroll and attractive. Only drawbacks would be cost (probably not cheap) and I'm not sure about the strength needed to bend it - John brookfield scrolls 1/2" thick steel rods!:0  Brass can vary greatly in the strength needed to bend it! I've noticed that 1/4" brass rods sold at the local hardware stores are easier to bend than hot rolled steel of the same length. But (higher quality) 5/16" brass from a hobby store was harder to bend than 5/16" hot rolled steel of the same length. So, it could be that 1/2" brass might be too thick for normal mortals to scroll using just their strength. :crazy

Here are some John Brookfield scrollwork links:



Train smart!

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