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Okay, you win


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I have been visiting various websites to see what is being

written about the Inch competition at the Arnold. I was at

the Inch competition, paid careful attention, took notes.

Not sure where some of these other reporters were but

apparently not in Veteran's Memorial on Saturday night,

or at the Convention Center the day before.

I got my photos developed and am now going to have them

put on a disk, and will email them to Wannagrip to post

hopefully later today, though I don't know his schedule.

There will be three photos of the three successes by Henry,

a close-up of the wheels, and a success by Mark Philippi.

I got no photos of the Inch competition- distance and darkness.

Before long it will be announced that six of the fitness women

all hopped up by perusing photos of Sir Snott closing the #3

worked themselves into a frenzy and one after the other

power cleaned, then slow pressed the Inch. Then they asked

me if I could arrange a meeting with kind Sir. I lied and said

yes, just so I could get photos.

Sorry about that previous paragraph; just thought I would

add the the list of reported happenings that did not in fact

happen. Sorry, Snott. But they did ask about you...

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Actually, Stacey Lynn and Monica Brant were the most excited about meeting me.  Ah.... all those fitness babes are all the same.  Great bodies, but then little else.....   :(

Aquiring the title of "Sir" by Queen Elizabeth has been both a blessing and a curse.  I can't use the title in any official documents, and I can't be buried with it.  Still, "Sir Snott" is a title I can promote in terms of grip strength and the physical culture aspect.  I think I can live with that!!   :p

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