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The Arnold Classic

Rick Walker

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Just rolled in at about 9pm.  The place was freaking nuts, shoulder to shoulder people, expensive food and drink, but lots of free shirts, supplements, and pics!!!

People I met:

KAZ: got an autograph and a picture of us shaking hands :D Yeah, I am cool :D

Svend Karlson: again, a pic and an autograph.  Also got some training tips on training the events.

Ed Coan: My idol.  The reason I Squat, and SQUAT HEAVY!!  Awesome, powerful man.  Extremely nice.  Met and pic!  Again, I am cool

George Halbert: Bench Press God from Ohio-733 at 215 bodyweight.  Met and pic!

Dick Hartzell, AKA: The Rubber Band Man: Picture

Destroyer: Some crazy, long haired grip freak-had huge spikes he was bending.  Was attempting to bend and break a wrench later in the afternoon.  Missed it though :blush

Jamie Harris: Bench Press God from Pittsburgh.  Met him, talked a little.  No picture.

Multiple large breasted fitness chicks-got some pics with the largest of the large!!!!!

Didnt get to watch any strongman-wrong place at the wrong time.  Caught some of the bench meet-it was cool.  Halbert blew a pec and couldnt bench-thought for sure 800 would ride.

Caught all of the squats in the WPO Super Bowl of Powerlifting.  What a show-Wade Hooper sank a new world record, and Steve Goggins came up twice with 1041 but was red lighted, the first time on a stumble foward before the "rack" command, the second on depth.  Chuck V. was shafted-missed his opener, I think due to some major confusion (Arnold himself walked up on the platform as Chuck was setting up under 950-that would distract anyone.  Add too that the 20 photographers that followed him-the platform was shaking under all the weight on stage.)  He stumbled with it coming out of the rack and didnt even try it.  Came back out and smoked 970 like no ones buisness and was red lighted on depth so he was DQ.  Too bad-intense man with a certain 1050+ in him real soon.

Jesse Kellum was s sight to see as well.  

All in all, great weekend.  When I get the pics developed, i will post them on my site!


Rick Walker


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