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The Sorinex Grip Gallery

Bill Piche

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Amazing pics of the man in action!  2 finger pinches.......WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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2 finger pinch 45's - Wow (like Heath said)

50 lb BLOB lift (making it look easy) - WOW!

Actually, "wow" on everything. Nothing in those pictures would be do-able for me. And that is before he gets out the grippers and REALLY makes me look weak...

Nathan, that is probably the device you were asking about a week or so ago (vertical practice bomb, lift by nose). Just guessing. Kinda using the context clues (big red 'bomb' looking thing).    :)

That is a neat looking Dinnie setup too.

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That red vertical thing in my Grip Gauntlet photo is a 25lb practice bomb loaded with extra weight at base bringing the weight up to 102lb.It is lifted one handed (like an anvil) with the hand above the widest point to make sure the grip is on that tough taper.(base of hand is level with the tip of the bombs nose)The bomb is I think is 4 inch diam. A "hard"one for me! I do have some of those in my grip treasure trove if anyone is interested

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