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learning how to strap hold effectively

Rick Walker

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Instead of my usuall plier lifts on Thursdays, I opted for strap holds instead.  I figure it is time I really give these SOBs a go and get good at them.  Since I dont have a plate loaded grip machine, I figure this is my only way to train for the #3.

I am not confident enough to do them with the #2 yet, though I can hold it closed for 20+ seconds, I just dont think I can strap hold with it :blush .

So, I used the #1 last night and 10 pounds.  But, this time I got smart.  I had my wife actually hold onto the strap and place it inbetween the handles of the COC so i could get a good grip on the COC and have the strap ready.  I then closed it and held the 10 pounds for 20 seconds, 3 times with each hand.

It was much easier then my first attempt, and my confidence is back up.  Maybe in a couple weeks I will try the #2 with 5-10 pounds.

On a side note and completely unrelated to grip training-

One of my senior athletes, Brandon Krug, brought the house down in Punxsutawneys win over Brookville in the District 9 Class AAA playoffs.  He scored 21 points, 15 of which were 3-pointers.  

To cap the night off, Brandon, a 5'11", 170 pound guard, SLAM DUNKED the ball with authority!  Ahh, the power of olympic lifts, heavy squats, and plometrics :D .  Anyone interested can read about it at www.d9sports.com!

Rick Walker :hehe

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To find the article, click on Boys Basketball on the left of the screen, then "Krug Leads Punxsy To Victory" on right of screen-

Rick Walker :D

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