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Farmers Walk With 45 Pound Plates


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This weekend, I tried something unusual.

I took out a pair of 45 pound plates and went a-walkin'.  :hehe

I gripped them ONLY with my fingertips, and... with one in each hand, walked as far as I could.  Didn't measure it off (I'd say about 100 yards) - but it really took a toll on my hands!!  And my forearms were burning from the pain!  :0  

Has anybody tried this before?  And what were the results??

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I did this with 100 lbs plates (very wide flange). Fingertips under and thumbs over. I walked for a long time (over 2 minutes) and it hurts like few things, especially the pinkies were sore.

It's fun to do it sparingly but I largely prefer dumbells.

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I thought you meant paired plates in a pinch grip...... . I did carry a "new "Pair of York 45s a bit over 10 feet and a pair of 35s over 100 feet on two occasions in the pinch grip position.I bet Mr Horne could stroll a long way with them!York did make some nearly flat 100lb plates(just a very slight raised edge. That would make for a great farmers walk...Hmmm where did I put them?

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Snott, interesting you would post that. I used to do this about once a week, and I just did it again yesterday to see how it felt. I just go around my house once and try not to stop. Yesterday I had done some pretty heavy (heavy for me anyway) pinching and when my fingers started to give on the walk I tried to hold on better with my thumb pressed on the smooth side. It was a nice finisher to a workout.

As for a pinch farmer's walk, that is way out of my league.

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:D I have tried it and its great!!!! Really works the fingertips, forearms and thumbs in a interesting way.

I used 2 25 kg plates (2 x55 pounds) and held on for about 35 sec and my hands felt like they were going to explode!!!!

I am thinking about making this a regular in my training, as there is no other exercise that works the hands quite like this.

Especially if you want to do some chins in a doorframe by griping the lip of the frame with the fingertips and tip of the thumb.   :crazy  :p

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

WOW :0   that was a great exercise, using the 45's for farmers walk.  I did it in my basement which is about 25 to 30 feet.

My hands thank you.

I also have some really old york 75 lb plates that i held for time for a little extra.  I need some rest now.

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