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Hello Columbus!


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Curious: anybody from the board planning on being in

Columbus on Sunday Feb 24 to see history being made?

Got a feeling someone will become the 5th person in history

to clean and jerk the Apollon wheels. Perhaps several of

the contestants will succeed.

Though the real wheels have not rolled to freedom in nearly

half a century, the replica set will be on hand at about 366


There is a chance that the only remaining man to have

lifted the wheels will be on hand- Norb Schemansky, who

holds the most recent lift- Oct 14, 1954.

By the way, it was once said that Ernest Cadine could

do a one handed deadlift with the wheels, a claim that

seems very doubtful.

Anyone going?

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There is/was doubt in some quarters about Apollon

lifting overhead the heavier of his two set of wheels

but there is no doubt in my mind.

Because I think so does not prove it, to anybody but me.

Given the other lifts with thick handled bells that he was

capable of there is an easy acceptance of comparative

strengths that settles the issue in my mind.

Leo Gaudreau concluded that because he was unable to

locate newspaper accounts of Apollon lifting the heavier set

that he doubted they were lifted. I have ultimate respect

for Leo, but disagree on this reasoning.

Just as any strongman would not extend himself every

night, and had lighter (to himself) weights that he could

manipulate without total fatigue, and thus save himself for

the next performance, I think this lighter set of wheels was

so employed by Apollon on some occasions.

What reason would there be for Apollon to have the

heavier set if he was called upon to lift them and COULD NOT?

It was not parallel to Inch's situation where the weights were

literally twins- one set of wheels was obviously smaller to the

naked eye.

I have a studied bias for Apollon, whose strength was NEVER

fully demonstrated except perhaps when he bent the jails bars

but that is hardly measureable.

Apollon is the only strong man I can think of who never

failed with an attempt. Think about that for a moment!

Other men in other contests occasionally could not make a certain lift. To my knowledge this never happened to

Apollon. He always had reserves.

Further, both Prof Desbonnet and David Willoughby assert

that Apollon lifted the heavier set at each performance. And,

why would the lighter set at 226 lbs have stopped other

strongmen of the day? Apollon would not select a lift that

other strongmen could duplicate.

Finally, remember that when Batta played that trick on

Apollon and switched the fillable spheres replacing them with

SOLID spheres, Apollon lifted the resultant 341 pounds on

the 2.5" diameter bar, and appeared not to even have noticed

the extra weight. So, reducing the bar diameter by about 1/2"

and adding 25 pounds to the bar (thus the wheels) would

have been, in my opinion, an easier lift than the 341 on the

2.5" bar.

We have not yet understood what a freak of strength

Apollon was. On upper body strength he was without


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For what it is worth,My son Bert said after watching Mr. Henry at our booth in Texas lift the 360 lb 2 inch handled barbell he thinks with the big prize offered AND Henry should be much more worked up mentally he may go as high as 3 to 4 reps.....Does anyone have more info on what day this is to be done? I just might drop in ......

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As of now it is scheduled for Sunday Feb 24 to start

at noon and go for an hour- the whole contest, that is.

Seems like a very short period of time for four events.

Wonder if each man gets just one attempt at each event?

There is that unsettling phrase on Arnold's website that

slides in the contingency that times are subject to change.

Hope you can drop by!

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  I will be there (Columbus).  The WPO meet is on Sunday but since Eddy isnt lifitng, I will probably make my way to the strongman event.  We are arriving Saturday AM and staying until Sunday evening.

Rick Walker :hehe

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I tried to pm you but your message box is full. Look for

a handsome man, massive, full head of hair, with fitness

babes hanging all over him. That's not me.

I'll have my FLEX I.D. hanging aroung my neck. Hope to

see you there.


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  I dont know why my message box would be full-I dont even know how to check it!?!

 I dont think i have recieved a pm?  How do i check this #### thing!?

 I cant explain myself-I am bald with a goatee-probably like half the people at the Arnold!!!!! :D

 I do have a tribal tattoo on my left arm and a cross and thorns on my right.

Rick Walker :hehe

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