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Strap Holds

Rick Walker

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I trained Tuesday even though I was sick as heck.  Decided to strap holds instead of my usuall COC routine.  I warmed up, then used the #1 and 10 pounds.  I held it for 20 seconds with each hand.  My next set, I couldnt hold it for 3!!!!!  I was burnt.  Maybe it is a combination of this cold and doing a new exercise but they really kicked me.

Is this common?

Rick Walker :hehe

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I can't tell you if it's common since I'll be starting on sunday. I do know that you might want to pace yourself a bit if you are going to do many sets... I want to ask : how many time did you rest between those two sets, 1, 2, 3 minutes, more


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Was 20 seconds your max? If it was, I think it might be like doing a set of 20 rep squats. After doing 20 reps you wouldn't feel like doing any more, right? Since you're new to them, you probably need some time, like a few workouts, to break yourself in, just like changing your routine for anything else. I haven't been doing strapholds for very long but that's what I found.

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