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How do you grip your thick bells?

Fuel Crusher

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At work the other day I asked a scaffolder (who I figured would have a good grip) to try lift my thick handled DB, it was loaded with 50kg. He grabbed the bell and just got it skimming over the floor, then he immediately changed his grip to a thumbless grip and although he still didn't 'lift' the bell he was closer. I was surprised at this grip because it has never crossed my mind to even try to play with my bell in this way.

Then I just noticed in a link posted in a recent thread:


If you scroll down you'll see Magnus lifting the Inch with what looks like a thumbless grip.

Anyone else practise with this grip or is a regular 'fingers one side, thumb the other' grip the norm?



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Guest danreeves

Question got me to thinking so i grabbed a spare piece of 2' pipe to see the difference.

I think the thumbless changes it from gripping with the hand to more of a supporting action with the wrists and forearm brought into play. The fingers are used more like hook to support the weight, and as i think about it, I have noticed that it's easier to hold something you're carrying, say a dumbell you're using for a farmers walk, using just the fingers for support than trying to grip it with the whole hand.

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