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frying pan bending


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i just watched the dennis rogers tape (episode 19 see previous posts). is it me or does there seem to be a lot of upper body involved in the frying pan bend? it is impressive non-the-less but i was under the impression that this was almost all grip. woody, how do you bend your pans?

also, kaz lifting that thick handled dumbell- i don't think any non gripper could fully apreciate the difficulty of that lift..

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Guest woody36


       There is a lot of upper body involved,especially in

the first bend! but i would hasten to add that once the

first roll as started,your body tends to be in a bent over

position and the forearm comes into play more.

I don't have strong hands,as i've said before,rolling pans

is a stunt not really a feat of strength.

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Guest woody36


 an afterthought,i weigh 22 stones,Kazmaier probably

slightly more than me,but i suspect neither of us will roll

a frying pan in quite the same way as Mr Dennis Rogers!

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have you ever tried to bend a frying pan and not succeeded?

obviously there are pans out there that may be unbendable with human hands, but are most of them "do-able" then?

on a side note, how do you guys feel about performing these "stunts of strength?" as far as a motivational speaker, or an "extreem minister" type of thing? do you think they should be honest with the audience and tell them that they are stunts, or are stunts just so much more entertaining than much harder feats? (and yes, switching bells is definitely a stunt)

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Guest woody36


   I'm no authority on bending pans,so far i've bent 6,

three of the same type.I just tried it after "Strongman"

posted a link,

The first pan i bent folded in with my thumbs pushing

against it,the last 3 although cheap were made of sterner

stuff. Looking at the more expensive pans,the base tends

to be a lot thicker than the sides so probably wouldn't

roll at all well.

I did manage to perform the bending of a pan with one hand,

but it took a couple of minutes.

As regards "The stunt" aspect,maybe thats not the right

word,it makes it sound less of a feat,it isn't.

To roll a pan the way Dennis does with that amount of ease,

requires a great deal of strength.

AP, have you tried rolling one yet!

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not yet. i did not mean that bending pans (or tearing phone books or the like) would be easy. i simply ment that the visual aspect of the event might make it seem much more difficult than it really is. for example, if tom black were to bend the ironmind red, and i were to bend a cheap frying pan in front of the same audience, they may mistake the two events for being equally difficult. or worse, they may view my bend as more signifigant- i mean who ever heard of a man bending a frying pan with his bare hands? this is what i ment also when i said that the lift by kaz could only be appreciated by a grip fan. of course the things done by both kaz and dennis are amazing - much more than i could acomplish (but maybe not more than i could hope to acomplish). and i bet that the frying pan dennis crushed was of high quality - and one i could probly not bend in the least.

there has always been a lot of showmanship in these type of strongman shows and any sort of funny business bothers me...

however, with dennis and kaz, this isn't a problem as one is always assured of authentic strength...

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I noticed that mooshing an apple was laughably easy when I first did it on the weekend. I'm sure anyone on this board could do it no problem especially if they knew the trick was to use the fingers, but the guy at work who saw me do it crapped his pants & others can't believe it.

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Guest woody36


     You've hit the nail on the head,if you're playing to

an audience it's much better to do "Stunts" with the

"oooohhh" element.Too an audience Tom Black bending

a tiny little Ironmind Red would mean nothing,even if he

explained the difficulty,but if he bent a 3/8s bolt that as

the "oooohh" factor,because everyone uses bolts in every-

day life and expects them not to be bent.

You're not cheating an audience if you roll a frying pan

and it's easier to do than bend a "Red",it's just that to the

public bending a pan is a more tangible way of demonstrating

that you are strong.

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