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yesterdays workout

Rick Walker

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I started my intersnship, finally, with the strength coach from the Pitt Panthers football team.  He has the Ironmind pinch block, hub, and rolling thunder.  I was very excited!

Did pinch first.  THis thing is hard!  Worked up to 45 pounds for 7 seconds each hand.  The block is extremely slippery and chalk doesnt seem to help much at all.  Any one else have this or use it and what do you do to improve your grip?!?

He has a plate loaded, Hammer Strength, grip machine.  I didnt use both hands, I loaded it to 100 and did 3 triples with each hand seperately then did 30 second holds.  One bad part-it sometime pinches the skin on the palm, and although pain comes with the training, any pain that is accidental doesnt freakin' help!!!

By now my forearms were hurting.

Went to the hub.  Interesting toy.  Again, I was stopped at a light weight.  35 pounds was all I could muster for 7 second holds.

Finished with plate wrist curls.  Didnt try the rolling thunder-knew I was too weak to give it an honest go.

These "toys" are much harder then my homemade gadgets.  The pinch block was just so darn slippery that I was getting mad using it!!  But, it made me work harder then pinching plates.

Any thoughts?

Rick Walker


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Rick,  did he have the 3" X 6" pinch block or the 2" X 4" old style block.  I recently purchased the 3" X 6" and it's a real bear.  Slippery like you say, and kind of squirts out of your hand.  Aren't they fun toys?

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I think it was the 3X6.  Yeah, it does squirt out of your hand.  It really made my irate!!!  The weight was light, but i could barely pick it up-

Rick Walker :hehe

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