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Hey, I just started into this whole grip thing.. Im a powerlifter ... I got some guys at school into grip stuff, one of them now posts on here, HEY MEADWIG!!! lols

Anyways, my buddy bought a set then sold them to me... I was able to close the #1 on my first try. I am now about 3 weeks into this whole grip thing and got the #2 for 8 reps yesterday which was great. I can get the #3 to past paralell...

Im diong plate poinches, workign on rock rings, pipe holds, chins with fingers, and block weights.. Its coming along slowly.. I am also going to start trying negatives with my #3 starting next week..

How can I begin to work on closing that sucker?

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Also... How many reps for the average person should you be able to do with the #2 before closing the #3??? any average or guess, thanks.

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Your progress sounds very good. Definitely work on the #3. Force it shut using help from your other hand, leg, etc... then hold as long as you can = a negative. If that gets to easy, try to get a harder gripper to use for the negatives. Also, you can do strapholds with the #2 (hang weight from a strap between the handles... squeeze it hard so the weight doesn't fall). You can file the insides of the handles of the #2, forcing you to close it harder/further to get the handles to touch.

You'll probably get the #3 pretty quick.

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