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Short Blue Rank


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I know a 4" blue is suposed to be the equivalent of a red, so Mike's estimate is probably right.

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ive learned that you cant compare a 4 inch blue to a red. 4 inch blues are real easy to kink and the crush down isnt that hard. if you want something close to a red get a 6 inch G9 bolt.

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4" blue = AWK-WARD

I think even if you can melt an 4" blue with ease a Red will throw you for a loop if you're not used to the 7" length.

As far as things that are similiar:

Some 7" 5/16 G2 bolts are pretty close to a red on the kink but a TON easier on the crushdown.

7x1/4" square stock has a similiar feel but is definitley a little easier

5.5 G8's are a popular training choice for the crushdown portion

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I bent a 4.5" Blue blue about 5 weeks into bending and it really wasn't extremely hard to do even for me a novice. What I found more difficult was the 4.5 5/16" HRS. A good friend sent me some of the FBBC Hex stock recently in 6".5.5", and 5" and the 5.5" and 5" felt similar to the 4.5 Blue. I crushed a 6" Grade 2 5/16" right after bending the hex pieces and I didn't find it as challenging as maybe the 5.5" Hex. I haven't tried a Blue nail cut down to 4" but I find it hard to believe that it can truly compare to a Red nail, maybe I am wrong because I haven't tried to bend a Red nail yet. Those Grade 5s in my gallery the two I did on the 27th of Mar I think would be as hard or harder than a 4" Blue. The most challenging thing about the super short bends is gripping in a way to maximize you leverage. Due to it's short size I end up using either my index & middle finger to do the holding or hold my index finger out of the way and use the middle, ring and a little pinkie. I am trying to take a day or two off but I will try the 4" Blue and let you know my thoughts that way you can get the opinion of several benders to make an informed decision.

May you train with little pain and no strain! :D

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