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crushing strength?


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Cut wire with wire cutters. Get some webbing (like lifting straps) wrap it around a bar so the ends are free then get some pliers & pick the whole thing up with them, holding the ends of the straps in the jaws.

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In no particular order:

Ivanko Super Gripper

Double hammer squeeze

Lifting with Pliers

Wire cutting

Plate loaded grip machine

Crushing an apple or potato

This list is by no means complete.

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So far, I have gotten great results from the plier lift and from the double hammer squeeze.  I also use the COCs but if you dont have them the above 2 are also productive.

If $$ is an issue-get MASTERY OF HABD STRENGTH before anything else-all hand strengthening tools can be home made.  All of mine are except the COCs!!

Best of luck-

Rick Walker :hehe

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I've crushed an apple before, and it is definetely a lot easier than crushing a potato, but it is still satisfying.  I tried a russet type potato, and felt it give a bit, but it just wouldn't finish.  I will include it in a training day some time.  Anyone else have any experiance crushing stuff other than grippers?

Michael Falkov

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Hey Mike,

 Brookfield says a potatoe is like crushing a #3 or harder.  Can you crush the #3??  THis is freaking amazing at your AGE!!  You are a freak if you can!

I can easily mash the #2 and I can touch an apple or potatoe!

My wife laughs at me cause you are near a 100 pounds lighter and have freakish hand strength-I tell her atleast I can squat 600+ raw!!

Keep at it!  Good luck!

Rick Walker :hehe

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