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Grade 9 Bolts


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ok guys,

I did a little research into grade 9 bolts. I have 2 companies so far : Alma Bolt Fasteners 1-800-526-2200 and Zero Products Inc 1-800-991-1280 I only know about prices for alma bolt. for 50 they charge about a little over $2 a bolt, they come from another company and for 100 the price is a little over $1 a bolt. Dave told me the kink is a little easier than a red but the crush is about the same. The grade 9 is also a specialty bolt so that's why you're going to pay a little more. My crew all pitched in to pick up some stock.

Happy bending,


If anyone gets bolts from the other company let us know about prices

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Burner - sorry for not responding to your PM, here are the only suggestions I have:




Hope this helps

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I ordered from:

Hillco Fastener Warehouse

7522 Park Avenue

Garden Grove, CA 92841

(714)657-7442 Fax: (714)657-7455

Grade 9

I ordered 25 -6"x1/4" of both types of grade 9s on March 15. I have not yet received the shipment, but I hope to get them soon. The F911's are supposed to be somewhat harder then the other type.

I just noticed that the prices for these are listed much higher than when I ordered. I paid $91.47 for all 50 with shipping. Also, you only had to order 5 or more to get the discount, not 50. I wonder if my order threw them off. I am going to call them and I will let everyone know. The product numbers and current price are listed below:




0 to 49: $2.85

50 and up: $2.28



1/4-28x6 HEX HD CS F-911 YELLOW ZINC


0 to 49: $2.85

50 and up: $2.28

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I just spoke with Hillco and my order was shipped out yesterday. They individual that I spoke with could not account for the price increase, but they did not seem very knowlegdeable about the genre of the business. My price was much closer to what is currently listed for 5.5" versions of the same bolts. I would guess that if someone ordered the same amount of 5.5" grade 9's that you might see the listed price jump.

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