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What Does This Mean?


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If you are new to this wonderful board...WELCOME!

If you do not know what the following terms mean:

Setting (types of sets: no set, parallel, table/tns)


Contrast Bath

Strap Holds

Flogging the gripper




Seasoning the gripper

Gripper maintence

Just copy and paste the unknown term into the "Search" box, and read away.


Search is your friend. I am not trying to be a dick....just helpful. If I had known where to start searching, I think I would have been ahead of the game.

Hope this helps


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well,if thats a pm it looks like someone who is trying to make themselves feel better.

if you want to search,search and if you want to ask a question on the forum,do it.

so if thats a pm id pm the person back and tell them to get a life.

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Thanks for the great link.

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It wasnt a pm.

It is something I have seen on several other boards I frequent. I tell you. I did nothing but search and read for the first 2 months I was here, and these were a few of the terms I did the most searching on.

It was not a slam at anyone, just my attempt at furthering the education of newbies out here. Yes myself included.


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