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Reverse Curls And Rectangular Fixes


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Is anyone doing much of either one of these lifts? If so what are some of your prs, training tips etc. Ive been doing reverse curls for a couple of wks as I got bored with hammer curls and Im planning on making the switch to the rectangular fix with a 2" bar and working up to a max. This is a great lift for guys looking to keep some balance when pushing crush for example. Looking forward to your thoughts . . .


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I don't understand what you mean by rectangular fix Austin. What is it and what muscles does it hit?

Also if you get tired with normal hammer curls you can try:

thick dumbell hammer curls

preacher bench hammer curls

incline bench hammer curls

one arm EZ bar hammer curls (this is a killer)

kettlebell hammer curls

plate hammer curls

odd shape hammer curls

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the rectangular fix as I understand it is basicly a reverse curl but you only curl up to 90 degrees and pause for 1-2 seconds before lowering it. Its an oldtime strongman lift. Hope this helps!

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Sounds like a good exercise for armwrestling!

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Austin, I've done both in the past. I have recently started messing around with the Apollon's Axle reverse curl again. I did 103X1 yesterday. That's about the same as with an Olympic bar for me (105X1). I'm weak. But if I can stick to it for a little while I'm sure it would go up a bit. I really enjoy the feel of them I just tend to drift away from them because they take time that could be spent eating ice cream. :D

The best 2" bar rectangular fix I've done was 81 pounds about a year and a half ago in a USAWA Record Day contest. My best on an Olympic bar is 95.

I know you've performed these in the recent past, what are you capable of now?

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Hi Austin,

Reverse curl with a thick bar is an excellent exercise for the grip and forearms , try it with thumbs around and thumbs off .You get a different workout.

My best with 2 inch bar is 70 kg , 154 lbs and on an olympic bar 165 lbs.

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I did reverse curls for about two years, I learnt of them from Bruce Lee's training book. He advocates the 2 second pause on the way up and the way down, inhale on the upward, exhale on the downward etc. What he also said was that you should maintain a very light weight to condition the muscles as this type of exercise can really cramp you up (personal experience).

I did these in combination with Zottoman curls and would recommend anyone to do this combo as a way of seriously putting weight and strength on the top of their forearms.


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