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Regular training/Grip training

Fuel Crusher

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Summat to talk about :)

I train in this fashion

Bench, Pulldown/up, Squat, shrug/partial DL. This takes me around 1/2 hour. I'll then spend around another 1/2 hour training grip.

What about you lot? Same workout, seperate workouts, grip train only? Lets see how people train.


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Two gym workouts a week

Monday : squat - OHP - bent row - pinching plates - wrist curls - vertical bar lift

Thursday : deadlift (or partial deads) - close grip bench - power cleans - pinching plates - farmer's walk

One workout at home

Saturday : CoC grippers, thick bar holds for time, steel bending, heavy hammer

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3-6 gym workouts a week, depending on how I feel, and what I've got to do that week.

If I've got nothing but time that week, several easy, long workouts, hitting one or two bodyparts with several sets of several exericises.  The next day, work whatever was not sore.  After that, maybe take a day off, maybe do a little "arms and situps" type workout depending on how I felt.

If I'm busy, I throw together 2 big exercises like squat and bench press.  I would do something like 5 sets of 5 for each.  Then, a few low rep(5-8) sets of a heavy assistance exercise, like leg presses and close grip benches.  After that, maybe 3-5 sets of a high rep(10-12) "easy" assistance like skull crushers or calf raises.

The next workout would be deadlift and military press, plus a few assistance exercises, with the same set/rep scheme as bench/squat day.

Grip workouts thrown in after regular workouts.  I'd work whatever part wasn't sore, for as long as I had the time/energy to.  If there was one special thing I was trying to get good at, like pincing, I probably pinch 2-3 times a week.

I'm curious to see if anyone trains there grip on days where they do nothing else workout wise.  If you do, do you feel stronger when you go into a grip workout "fresh?"

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This is my latest routine;



1 x 20 Squats (killer!), 1 x 6 '1 arm Rows', 2 x Chins



2 x 6 Bench press, 1 x 4 dips, rotator cuff work with dynaband



Crunches x 2

Wrist roller

On top of this at the moment I am nail bending nearly every other day along with gripper work and hangs on the loops.

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Tou, solid looking routine. I don't think I could train power cleans and farmer's walks after deadlifts. You are a moose.

Scott, I have done it both ways due to injury keeping me from non-grip work and I notice a difference but it is hard to explain. I used to love to work with grippers immediately after my last set of deep squats, feeling stronger than when I would just start with the grippers on a "grip only" day. I think the phrase Heath used was "gets the juices flowing", that is a picturesque description of how I felt. Yesterday I worked deadlifts then plate curls, standing press then pinching, finished with IDB and it felt wonderful. I had never alternated like that before, and it felt like I got just enough rest in my back before the presses, and enough time between the plate curls and the pinching. The deadlifts got my hands warm but didn't take away from the plate curls. I will definitely be trying that again. I have done grip before working weighted dips before, that was OK. I think that I am pretty adaptable. However, I couldn't do one of those Tom Black style grip workouts on the same day as other training. On days I work grip only I have more capacity for more exercises, but I have to spend more time warming up. I don't really know if I have better success one way or the other (except in cases mentioned above). Mentally I think that I do better spreading it out as much as possible, because I really like all the exercises that I do and I don't like to wait too many days without lifting.

Incidentally, I used to always do my bending (nails or long steel) only on days that I did weighted dips. Always. It seemed to get my upper body warmed up and ready for the task.

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I did my first session with them on monday.  Now I can see what all the fuss is about.  My whole back glutes, thighs, the lot were pumped and already aching as soo as I sat down.  i am definatly going to keep them up.  I still think I went a bit easy on myself though so I cannot wait till next week.

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My current routine

Day 1



Calf raise


Barbell Curls

Day 2






Workout time is about one hour. Hardgainer Style!


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Guest Hairyporkchop

Monday:  Gym-  Squats, Bench, Chins, Rows, ab work

            Home- COC singles 1 minute rest for 30 reps

Wednesday:  Gym-  Speed bench (Westside style), Close grip bench, Deadlifts, ab work

             Home- Farmers walk

Friday:     Gym-  Box squats, Good mornings, incline BP, ab work

              Home-  COC strap holds

Never more than an hour in the gym. Never more than 5 sets per exercise, I work up to heavy (for me) single, double or triple (except speed bench and box squats).

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kINGPIN, I know you arn't stupid so if you're just starting the 20 reppers I would PURPOSELY make it a reasonably easy weight, then cycle up like you do with your other lifts. Going along this line you should be able to do them 2 if not 3 times a week then drop the frequency down as they get hard. You know the score.

Still I shouldn't realy be giving you advice cos I'm pretty s**t at em, always struggled and probably always will ???



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I do two workouts. Ones a week on Saturday or Sunday. One set per exercise to failure.

A-20 rep squat

Bicep curls

Shoulder press

Calf’s 20 reps(donkey raises with a iron mind dip belt)

Side bends

Plate curls

Pinch training

B- Pull ups

Weighted dips



Fore arm curls


I have only recently changed to this workout. On the other tread on over training there are some pointers on how you know if you are over training and I had them all. So now I will keep the intensity high but train less often and less exercises per workout. Lets see what happens!

:crazy OOOh those 20 reps squats and calf raises!!!!! Did my first sets on Sunday its now Thursday night and I still can't stand up without using my arms for support and intense muscular pain from my navel to my toes.  :crazy

 :D As you can see I didn’t do any back exercises but my lats traps etc. were also sore from the squats! Wonderful!!!!  ;)

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Here's mine

Monday-power snatch (5 progressively heavier sets of 5, then 3x3), snatch pulls (progressively heavier sets of 5)

Wednesday-power cleans, clean pulls (same as monday)

Friday-back squats 5x5

All 3 days I do clean & press/push press (4x5), strapholds (increasing weight when I get to a 10sec hold), plate curls (20 reps total & increase weight when possible) & wrist roller (2 goes with constant weight).

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Fuel crusher,

I have thought a bit about my volume as in the book Super Squats it states that you should train the squats 3 times a week.  but I just don't feel that my recovery is up to that and really don't need to be ill or injured again.  When I work out I do like that feeling when I know I have put everything into it and this has in the past been my downfall because as everyone knows- going to failure every workout and every set is the quickest way to burn yourself out.  

My squats are not particularly impressive coupled with the fact I have had a quite long lay off due to Christmas, injury, illness and familly commitments so I knocked them down to 90Kgs and only just got that 20th rep out.  That was the way to me that training should feel.  It has fired me up for more and I just can't wait untill leg day to go at it again.

I might play around with the volume sometime soon but first I will give it a shot as once a week to see how that goes. :)

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Current routine of last 5 months or so is shoulder flys and dumbell floor presses with 100's or 150's one day alternating with some kind of grip work the other day. Workouts range from 20" to 1 hour. Grip work is often centered around 1 event/area i.e. pinches or coc maybe with a few plate curls thrown in. like to concentrate on 1 lift at a time mainly this helps not to overtrain also can't do it all every other day. I do coc approx. every 5 days. Occ. throw some deadlifts in the routine. used to powerlift but a couple smashed disc's sure slow you down + strain r shoulder a couple times.

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I think that stupidity is the word you are looking for.  But as I said, next week I will try harder because I did let myself down a bit on that one.  Have you ever tried 20 rep deadlifts? .....now that would be hard.  But you will need a golf buggie to kart you around for a week or so. :p

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Yeah I did 20 rep Deads a few years back got up to 110kg which for me is v.heavy, I should maybe go back to em because I always seem to struggle with my squats, always learning them if you know what i mean. It's very rare that I come away from a set of squats where I think 'Yeah that was spot on!'. Dunno, I'll persevere I guess.

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That is how I feel about the deads exept for the fact that I am not gonna bother with them again.  I tried them long enough and just could'nt get anywhere with them.  If the squats don't work out then just stick with what you are naturally suited to and make it as strong as possible.  I would love to be able to deadlift 80ks let alone 110 but my back would arch, my knees would come it etc.  Each for there own.

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