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Hey Wannna Did My Post Get Deleted?


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Hey Wanna did my post get deleted last night, the one about making the Telegraph Machine etc...? Just wondering, thanks man

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Yea I will, just didn't know if it got deleted or I forgot to hit the submit button, lol.

Moderator edit: Your post was removed (Wannagrip did not remove it)

due to an issue of ethics. The Gripboard has a stance of being against asking

for schematics to build knock offs of equipment from vendors, that most

members spend their hard earned money on. I strongly, as a Moderator,

will support this stance and remove such posts. Thanks for your understanding.

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making like items for less money(ther-fore increasing sales in the long run) is the basic goal for every company in this world lol.

but,i guess you dont want to step on the toes of the vendors either.

just my .02

Edited by king crusher
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