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Excellent workout!!!

Rick Walker

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I have a night class this semester that ends at 7:50 and it is another 30-40 minutes to get home so I have to train grip late tonight.  Last week I felt crapy, but tonight-oh boy!!!

COCs- warmed up with #1 for 8s.  I then went to #2 AND MASHED IT FOR 2 SETS OF 3 EACH HAND AND THEN HELD IT CLOSE FOR 20 SECONDS EACH HAND!!!!!!!!  Sorry to yell, but hot ####, I am EXCITED!  When I bought these torture devices I couldnt close the #2.  I then closed the #3 with assistance from my leg and held as long as possible.  The pain.

Next was heavy hammer-forearms were already screaming.  I use an olympic dumbbell and hold onto the very end of one side and put 1- 2.5 on the other side-2 sets of 5 each hand then 1 set of 6 each hand with no weight.  Forearms near death.

Pinched 1 1/4 standard plate with 25 for 2 sets as long as possible.  Still cant get an olympic 25 plate off the ground by the hub but I am VERY CLOSE.

Done.  I will explain my new workout and theory behind it as soon as my forearms stop screaming at me.  This typing is killing me-

Rick Walker :hehe

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Good workout Rick. What kind of plate do you use for the hub lifting ? I have Weider plates at the gym and I can lift a 45 VERY easily. I suppose the York have a wider and shorter hub. The Weider plates' hub is about 3" wide and 1 1/2" high.

Keep working hard.

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 I have Yorks and Standards.  The hub on the 25 is less then an inch tall but I am not sure of the size-it is a lot harder to get ahold of!!!

I use the 1 1/4 standard plate flat and a 3 pound standard plate with a chain running through them to practice.  i just use my finger tips so it mimics it well.

Pics coming soon-

Rick Walker :hehe

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That rocks! It just shows you it's goodd to show up even though you might not feel like it & just try to do through the motions because it might turn out that you have a killer workout!

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