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Softball lift

Rick Walker

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A couple of you posted on here a week or so ago about the ease of the softball lift.  I found one Saturday while I was cleaning out my garage and decided to drill a hole in it and attach a hook.

So, I trained with it tonight as my final exercise.  I could only hold 1-45 for 12 seconds each hand.  Some of you guys pick 100+ pounds off the ground with this thing?!?!

Thats freakin' amazing.  I must really suck at this lift so i am going to keep it in there and attack it hard each week.

Rick Walker :hehe

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Not bad for a first effort!  Like any exercise it takes a while to get the hang of.  Peristance pays!  For what it's worth I'm struggling to hold 60lbs for 10 seconds at the moment.

A word on form. It's very easy to cheat when doing these lifts by gripping the ball so that you're pulling rather than lifting. This occurs when you have your fingers nearer the bottom of the ball.  Doing the lifts this way I can lift 100lbs+ no worries.

In order to pervent yourself cheating ensure the head of the bolt/nut is near the center of your palm prior to lifting - if you do this there ain't no way you can cheat. ;)


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Yeah, I noticed that right away and knew that had to be the wrong way to do it.

So I made sure the ball was in the palm of my hand with my fingers on the sides of the ball.  I also try to keep my fingers off the stiching as that seems to make it easier as well.


Rick Walker :hehe

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