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how effective is the formulator towards closing the grippers. i can do twos, now i want to close threes. wonder if the formulator will help. or is it just for hand shakes.

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Probably not a direct assistance but I bet you would feel stronger generally speaking and thus feel stronger on the grippers. The formulator is going to build of size and strength in your forearms and wrists. Building a little tendon strength in the wrist is what will cause any increase in gripper work (if any) due to better stability. Marginal at best though.

Also, you may have noticed that not many people replied to this. As you know the Formulator is relatively new and also quite pricey so few people have it.

I do not have it yet, but looking at the movement, the above is my best guess as to helping one with grippers.


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Not good for closing the grippers but a good tool.

It will be good for blood flow to the fingers.

And max the recovery.

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