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Holding Quarters With Grippers.

king crusher

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ok so i seen a few guys talking about this and it sounded cool so i gave it a try.

i did no warm up or anything and started with my hg250 and help a quarter for 26 seconds

then about 4 min or so later i found my #2 and held a quarter for 23 seconds.

if i woulda did the 2 first and not the hg250 i would have held on longer.

its kind of fun,i think i will do this once in awhile to try to increse my time.

anyone else try similer things

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yeah, i do the same thing put with pennies, from a small stack to a single, but for less time. i got the idea from a site, i believe it was called taralanestrength.com, but i could be mistaken as to the exact address.

i think coin holds are pretty neat also because you know the exact distance you are missing or getting in working toward your full close.

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Yup, that's the site. He uses small stacks of pennies duct taped together along the edges only. He holds for a given amount of time and when that becomes no problem he removes a penny and closes the gripper further. He is also careful to only tape the edges so that the gripper handles can contact the penny faces--metal/metal contact eliminates the added help of gripping onto duct tape. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds awesome.

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like i said it is a good way to nearly exact measure progress if nothing else. i use superglue and have a bunch of small stacks, after all they're only pennies.

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good idea...i will have to put a lil stack together for my 3. about 1/4 inch.

the 2 and hg250 ill keep using 1. maybe do a dime although it wont be much harger to get the same times im sure.

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