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Hrs And Crs


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The difference between hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel is the mechanical and chemical properties imparted to the steel.

Cold-formed steel shapes are formed at room temperature, while hot-rolled steel shapes are formed at elevated temperature.

Hot rolled product is heated and rolled at high temperatures to impart the shape, chemical and mechanical properties required in the finished item. Cold rolled products are rolled at low or room temperatures. For example, hot rolling on a continuous strip mill usually begins at about 2200 degrees F. and is completed above 1300 degrees F. In cold rolling, the product is not heated immediately prior to rolling although the temperature of the steel will rise due to the frictional effects of rolling so the finished product may have a temperature of 250 to 450 degrees F.

Probably a little TMI but it is a forging process that gives the HRS lower yield strength and a more expensive process the CRS has a higher yield strength at a smaller diameter.

In my opinion the 5/16" HRS Round Stock is slightly harder to bend than the 1/4" CRS Round Stock at the same length.

CRS 1/4" Square is way above the 5/16" HRS Round Stock, so again size doesn't always matter!

Also a Grade 5 1/4" x 6" is considerably harder than both and the

Grade 8 bolt 6 x 1/4" by far exceeds the Grade 5 of the same diameter and length and it al boils down to the level of hardness achieved through the manufacturing by mechanical and chemical process.

Hope this helps you in some way-- GatorGrip

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Nice post Gator you answered my question before i got to ask. very informative :) thanks

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