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Wrist Strength, Which Is Better?


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for the wrists, the plate wrist curls are more demanding......do both though.....don't cut yourself short!

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Wrist curls involve wrists and forearms- not the fingers to any demading degree.

Plate curls do involve the fingers.

Therefore wrist curls are more of an isolation exercise for the wrists in my view.

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there is an article on lthe diesel website. it says for strengthining the wrist. nothing beats the plate wrist curls. barbell or dumbell wrist curls are only for putting on size. i used to barbel wrist curl with 185. and i had a f of a time doing the 25's pound plate curls. my wrists were still week.

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You forgot one. Heavy DB wrist curls! :D

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I would have to agree with Roark but, only for an adaptation period. After say about 3 months to a year of fairly consistant plate wrist curls then the finger thing is minor unless the 45lb plate is your goal...

Doing plate wrist curls with a 25lb plate with plates added to it will eventually mainly work the wrist but, when the weight gets farther away from you it hits the fingers a lot more.

Another weird excercise that I have been doing off and on is "store bought gripper wrist curls"... close it, hold it and bend your wrist any way you want to (do them inverted as well). More of a restorative excercise... I'm trying to figure out an effective way to add weight to the gripper for this excercise... Or you try it with a trainer or #1... I'm so far away from doing this with a #1 it is funny and I can close an HG300...


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