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The Quest For The #3 - Part 2

Bill Piche

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July 8, 1999


How's it going? How's the grip workouts going?

I have skipped one grip workout this week to see what the effect will

be on Sat. I have a feeling it will be positive.

I still can't get over how sore I still get even when I was doing twice per week and just started again on the SW.



It's going okay. Training has been good, too. I spoke to Joe Kinney last Friday for about a half hour. He got me all psyched up. He told me to concentrate on adding weight, so you force your body to trigger a "grow stronger or die" response. Once you start using the secret weapon on a regular basis, the soreness should subside as your hands get used to it.

Last Friday I worked out at Iron Island. Have you ever heard of it? Well, after my workout, I went to play with some of the "toys" they keep in the lot out back. One of them is a 306 pound anchor chain which consists of six 51 lb. links. This is hooked up to a harness, and the object is to drag it until you drop. Dragging this monster over a dirt and pabble surface is sheer murder. Do you subscibe to MILO? If you do, Dr. Ken Leistner wrote an article in the March, 1999 edition about this device, along with a picture. After the chain drag, it was off to flip the 500 lb. tractor tire. What made this tire so tough to flip was the fact that it has no treads, so you have to dig your fingers under the bottom of the tire to start the lift. Two sets of 5-6 flips did me in. I then went home, tired fingers and all, and lashed into a workout on the secret weapon. Needless to say, I was quite sore from this workout, but am more determined than ever to mash that #3!!

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


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