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New Gym -new Grip Toy!


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I just joined a new gym which is a whole lot better than my last one. They have a martial arts room with various different types of kit, kickbags those speed ball things etc. So im in there finishing my workout with my negatives on my grippers and I spy this thing on the floor. It looks a bit like a blob but its a different shape and it big and heavy. Steeper sides than it is wide (its about 5" wide) and its got this hook in the top. Its heavy as well. I asked the gym owner what is is and what it weighs, he didnt know! At a guess I'd say its about 25-30kg. I'll take a pic next time. I tried lifting it pinch style and couldnt do it with one hand. but If I put my finger through the hook on the top I could lift it with all fingers. An interesting find to say the least!Anyone know what this is?

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