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Setting Problems And Injuries


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I am starting to work towards heavier grippers on the left hand which is much weaker than the right in terms of closing grippers.

To compensate for this I started increasing the rep and workload of the left hand in my workouts with grippers. This has led to two problems.

1. my next gripper after one I can close #1 is the RB160, I cannot get the set right for this gripper and it constantly slips in the hand and when I close leads to problem 2.

2. The gripper not setting properly exerts a lot of pressure on the bone of the index finger between the thumb and index finger knuckle.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you overcome it. It is starting to spill over into my normal training as I sometimes experience the 'pins' around this area even when resting.

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If you aren't already doing so....

shot rotations. This is not only good for strength, but it's good for warm ups and flushing the area with blood and cleaning the hands out.

Chalk. If you're not using it do it. This will help keep the gripper from slipping.

You need to train your set and gain more strength in your set. It does take a lot of strength to set heavier grippers. Just keep pratcing the set and don't squeeze unless you have the gripper positioned well.

When I first started I didn't have the strength to set a #2.


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Just an idea but I usually train my left hand with inverted no-sets it just feels better. Maybe try a choker inverted and upright. I usually finish off upright no-sets. I have never trained the left hand with a set and up until recently trained it very little with grippers. My left hand was for pinch and my right was for crush. Well now that my progress has slowed down, i train both hands on grippers hard. I'm lacking in the set even in the right hand so I felt like that needed to be addressed. Since I'm back to specializing on grippers for a while I intend on doing inverted closes right handed also to bring up the index and middle finger strength. That should help on the sweep-set also.

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