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New Pr Again!


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Yee haw! Today after a 5 day layoff after straining my fingers a bit from my battle with the short G5 last weekend I came out stronger than ever and set a new PR - a 5" G5 went down against the odds! The lesson I learned is, always measure your stock - the piece I hurt myself on last week wasn't a 5.5", it a was a 5" piece after all (no wonder I found it so hard to kink!) Apparently I'd already done some 5.5" pieces the last 2 times so I went in feeling one step ahead. I warmed up with 6 IM blues alternating DO and DU for speed work, then one 5.5" G5 and bent it quickly. With the confidence that the 5" was just a hair away I went after it with a vengeance to get payback for my hurt fingers.

The initial kink was actually really easy compared to last attempt - well, not EASY, but enough that it only took around 5 seconds to get a solid kink in it to switch to DO for the crushdown. Started the crush, got it bent to 90 degrees, and stalled. Fought it twice, but I realized that the IM pads were too bulky at the ends so I had to re-wrap and only use around 70% of the pad length. Once I did this the crush finished in around 10 seconds, though my palms are definitely tender from it now. Once that first kink was in there was no way I was giving up, and I'm quite proud to have managed that bolt tonight.

I'm taking a few days off (last 2 PRs have been after a 4-5 day hiatus, so I'll try to restrain bending to only twice weekly for maximum recovery) and next week I'll go for the single 6" G8 that came in my FB kit, aiming to beat it or die trying. I always have better luck with longer stock, so I'm hoping that killing the 5" bolt today will have me well prepared for it. Goal is to develop what I need to polish off a Red in 2 months or less, so let's see where the G8 goes!


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Good job, the grade 8 should go down with no prob.....At this pace you are liable to catch some of us old farts in the near future..Keep up the good work....Brett

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Great stuff.

FYI: A 5.0" grade 5 is harder than a 6" Grade 8. Your probably closer to the Red than you think. Might only be 2 weeks instead of 2 months.

Good luck!

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Congrats! :mosher

Yes, you should be able to get down a G8 now.

If its easier or harder depends on the style and your preferences.

Some find it harder some easier than the 5" G5.

For sure you have the power in the crush down now.

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Ve, congrats you came back stronger, "what kills us only makes us stronger"...keep going and go get that red

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Another piece of steel bites the dust, now you can lay it down to rust!

Simply Awesome! VeGripper

Way back in high school while taking a physical education class (PE) we began to lift weights, now all of young bucks were only concerned with MAXES and then MASS. I found out that most people limit themselves way before they actually reach their real limitations.

How I derived my theory: Well when we would be maxing on the bench press, a guy would lay down on the bench and get under the bar and he would lift that particular amount of weight then I would encourage them that they could no doubt add 5 more pounds to that weight for a higher max out. Well they couldn't see what I was putting on and instead of say a 2 1/2 pound plate on each side I would sneak a 5 plate on each side, or if they said give me two 5s I would put on the 5 but with a 2 1/2 behind it. If I had more confidence in their ability than they did and felt strongly that they could bench a much higher weight I would even on a few occasions throw 20 or more pounds on the bar when they expected only two 5s. They would do it and when they got up and saw the extra plates they would quickly do the math and were usually shocked that they actually pressed that amount. I have seen guys bench up to 25 pounds more from one day to the next by using this sneaky but positively productive method. Plus every one of them that did it had a smile on their face as big as a hubcap and usually thanked me for pushing them and I would say, "You did it not me, I just loaded the plates on".

Thus my hypothesis is: We limit ourselves with our own thoughts rather than the weight or challenge ever stopping us at our true limitations. Ask somebody to kick your ass out of your comfort zone because a comfort zone is a NO GROW zone.

Look around you for instance water, it can be a stagnant mud hole that sustains nothing more than mosquitoes or it can be a rushing rapid of epic proportion like Niagara Falls. Now nature dictates it's course but you dictate your course.

So which do you choose to be? A stick in the mud or a King Salmon running up stream. If you just sit there and not choose any course of action you will be "Up shit creek without a paddle" :D


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