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The Millennium Challenge Dumbbell


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Due to popular demand - Joe Roark asked - I have sent some images of the dumbbell to wanna and these can be found in the Grip gallery at http://www.cyberpump.com/gallery/GripGallery

Now for some stats:


Based on mine (the 2nd of four produced) version

Actual weight: 228 pounds / 103.42 kilos / 16 stone 4 pounds

Overall length: 24inches or 610mm approx

Width of dumbbell globe (end to handle): 9 and 6/16th inches

Diameter of globed ends: 9 1/2 inches

Circumference of globed ends: 29 7/8th of an inch or 759mm

Length of handle: 5 inches or 127mm

Diameter of handle: 2 3/8th of an inch or 60mm

Circumference of handle: 7 and 9/16th of an inch

Accurate as of 25.7.2000

Talking of accuracy, as Joe does, I myself have been stating it weighs 226!! As you'll see its a little heavier - d'uh!

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Thanks for the data! And the photos.

So the handle is one inch longer than the Inch,

but the same diameter. And to get a rough idea

of the weight, put two-45s on each side of the bar,

plus thicken the bar at the center. I would be

fortunate to lift the casting mold you have.

You will take this bell to the Heidenstam dinner?

Please let us know if anyone clears the floor with it!

For those who do not know, mobsterone, publishes a

wonderful magazine called Muscle Mob, and it usually

contains some history. You can check it out by sending

him a pm. He did not ask me to mention this, but it is

a worthy effort, so...no doubt he'll give a free lifetime

subscription to the first person to one hand snatch his

Millennium dumbell!

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Guest 115-1005574997

Hia Steve

Has anyone lifted the MILLENNIUM DUMBBELL off the floor and if so, any notable feats?

You say its the 2nd of 4 produced, are the other 2 the same weight or is there a slight difference?

I notice in the gallery that Alans got 'the big one' to his shoulder.  Wow!  How did he do that?  Is there a story behind him doing it?

How is Alan these days?  Still interested in grip training? Hows his Oly lifting?


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Hi Scott, I posted up some info recently re the lack of lifts (ie no pure single hand lifts). Alan can snatch its so that it comes a fraction off the floor before settling back but no one has lifted it yet.

With the mould used there should be little or no variation between the four although there is a long winded story that goes with that which involved me falling out with an old friend. He claims his weighs 277. I would point out that it is impossible to get thjat much more metal into a mould with changing it to lead! Realistically there should be no more than a 5 pound variation.

Re Alans 'to the shoulder'. The story is we were lifting smaller versions (see the gallery) and decided to take some promo shots for the magazine. Being the evil one that I am I claimed (naughtilly) that the first shot hadn't worked and could he lift it again. Afterwards he said 'I thought it was going to push my head off my shoulders'. He he...

Chris James has said he will attempt a two hand up and one hand push press with it at this years OH dinner.

Joe is too kind - mind you the feature in-depth bio of him in this issue means he has a vested interest. Now I could, if Joe allows me reproduce the article here...

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If it's okay with the moderators, it's fine with me,

but that was not my intent.

I was hoping board members would pay a fair fee for

a sample copy (thinking a back-stock issue), because

we need to support the efforts of those who are trying

to maintain history thru their publications(Horne and you).

I subscribe to other publications that do not take me

five minutes to read for the sections I care about, but

the respect I have for the men taking the time and money

to offer the publications compels me to support them,

which I do gladly.

Modern bodybuilding magazines, in an astute business

awareness, offer very little on history because their

demographics show that their audience does not care.

So when smaller publications cater to us, we should

support them, in my opinion.

Plus, in both Horne's Iron Grip and in Gardener's

Muscle Mob, the British news is offered.

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I'm in London for a few days (I think that you said you live here??).  If you are based here, perhaps I could come around and lift your Millennium Dumbbell for you  ;).   I going back to Stafford on Friday.  What do you reckon?  My email address is yetifur@talk21.com if you want to get in contact.


Jim Wylie

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He came, he saw, he got his ass kicked - he he. I've met Jim before at Dave Hornes comp and met Jim at the station and after a tea and my showing the Ronnie Coleman tape, plus the guided tour of Chez Gardener we had at it.

I, as before lifted one end up and skidded around the mat with thw other Jim alas, and not for the want of effort, found as many have it too much for now.

Now all he needs is to go away, grind the teeth for a while and come back and kick its butt.

Good try Jim and nice seeing ya. (ps guys I took pictures just in case :) )

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Thanks for that Steve!  Yes, I admit defeat... I'll be back though.  I don't think that the pictures will be very exciting Joe - just me hunched over the monster desperately trying to budge the thing :(.

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Yes, it may be unexciting, but we get a sense of

how big the bell is etc. Plus it is proof you tried it,

and I hasten to add I believe that it happened, but

jump ahead 50 years... and we will have the situation

that we had with Thomas Inch and his 172- not a single

photo has surfaced that shows Inch trying to lift that

bell. And in that vein, how many photos have we seen

of ANYBODY trying to lift the 172 PRIOR to the 1950s?

I have seen none.

Of course in Inch's case, we would expect to see

photos of the lift in progress since he claimed to have

lifted it hundreds of times.

Anyway, in your case you can use this photo as a 'before'

and we can later compare it to the 'after' which will show

you clearing the floor!

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Good point Joe.  We should try to gather as much evidence as possible about modern day feats and attempts.  

The Dumbbell is huge.  I got the feeling that it wasn't going to budge as soon as I walked through Steve's front door and saw it sitting there.  Steve showed me some techniques for lifting the thing but it barely quivered when I attempted to move it.  I do have some ideas on what I need to improve on though, and where my weakness currently lie.  I'll be consulting David as soon as return to Stafford so I can formulate a strategy for hoisting this monster.  

I think it's great that we have a modern day equivalent of the inch, and it's even better that no one has lifted it to date.  Steve is obviously leading the race, but I think that there are certainly a few others who could possibly lift the beast if they specifically trained for it. We'll have to wait and see.


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Jim, at least you tried. Like Joe said, when you do get it you can look back at the "before" picture and realize how far you have progressed.

Steve, the "techniques" for lifting the dumbell that Jim mentioned you showing him... do they apply to any dumbell with such a handle, or just your millenium monster? I can use all the help I can get with my PDA Inch plate loader, and since you are the thick handle specialist any input would be appreciated. I know your thoughts on the Rolling Thunder about the wrist being directly above the handle (almost looking like a pinch), but I haven't read anything you have written specifically about technique for lifting heavy thick-handled dumbells. Obviously whatever your techniques are, they work for you.

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Solid "Inch" style dumbbells and plate loaded dumbbells that have a handle of the same dimensions. have different characteristics. The solid bell cannot revolve. On the  plate loaded bell there is a tendency for the handle to turn a little, kind of like the Rolling Thunder. Also it is possible to pull the plated loaded bell up back end first by leaning the wrist and forearm against the plates. Much more can be lifted this way. A good way to train is to  lift as much as you can without the arm touching the plates, and then doing timed holds. Rolling Thunder work will help a great deal too.

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OldGuy can you explain your comment that a solid bell doesn't revolve, by revolve do you mean trying to 'roll' out of your hand? I have a thick handle similar to a rolling thunder but fixed, this has absolutely no roll whatsoever, it can't. I also use a thick handle loadable dumbell and the difference is immense because it try's, and in my case does  ??? , to roll out of the hand. Now I'd have thought that a solid bell would behave much more like my dumbell rather than my handle, and revolve or roll out of your hand. If there was no rolling of a solid bell surely it would be easier to lift than a loadable bell that does. Help, now I've confused myself ???  :)

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I am saying that in my experience a fixed or solid dumbbell is easier to lift than a plate loaded bell. With a plate loaded the handle can revolve within the plates. This is why bracing your forearm against the inside plates makes it easier as it helps to stop any rotation.

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OldGuy, thanks for the tips. When using the plate loaded db I currently load smaller plates on the inside to minimize the effect you mentioned, but it still becomes an issue when I clean the db. I have not yet made my forearm / wrist touch the plates on purpose, but it does happen by accident during the clean. On just a deadlift from the floor I try to keep my hand in the middle, but the handle is only 4" wide and my hand is just a very small bit narrower than that.

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