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Plate Curl Gains...


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....Gripper Gains??

Don't know what the rest of you reckon but I have been doing plate curls for about a month now solid I.e. Stop wrist curls (my constant) and start plate curls.

I am really feeling that strength gain all over my lower arms and did a Gripper workout last saturday that had to be my strongest yet....Overcrushin my 2004 Hard COC#2 (hard compared to my other older, longer handled 2001 #2) and getting my rock RB240N to 1/2 centimetre.

I remember a lot of talk on this board about the gains of overall strangth that is felt when training with block weights and wondered if anyone could verify if what I'm feeling has happened to them??

Look forward to your comments,


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Digz, I am one ( among countless of other, I'm sure ) that has experienced greater crushing gains when incorporating wist work into training. While plate curls are an excellent exercise, so to is plate wrist curls. With plate curls, the objective is to keep the wrist(s) as straight as possible while curling the plate, thus, making it an isometric or static exercise for the wrist...of course, that isn't the case for the biceps. But, when doing plate wrist curls, the exercise then becomes dynamic ( with movement ) for the wrist...additionally, much balance is required to perform plate wrist curls properly, bringing a lot of stabilizing muscles into play....therefore, making it much harder on the wrist. Try adding some plate wrist curls into your training, they can be very productive..... your crushing strength will benefit greatly.

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I think a hidden benefit of wrist plate curls is that it really helps plate pinching (well maybe just for me). I think it's the extra force put on the fingers.


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