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Thick Bar


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I jsut picked up my thick bar today. I had to purchase 20' of 2" cold rolled steel for $150.00 USD. I had it cut into two 6' and two 4' sections. Damn, it sure is heavy, but that's what I wanted.

I'll clean the oil off and start working with it. I'm going to add some section 40 pipe to it to make an almost 2.5" diameter bar in the near future.

Thanks to everyone such as Sean Dockery and Dan Praydis for their suggestions.


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That's interesting. I paid SEVEN dollars for my 2" piece of steel. It's 7.5 feet long and it's not solid, but it's strong. 0.35 cents a pound....7 dollars. I'm sorry you dropped a hundred and fifty smacks. :(


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The difference is that his bar will be able to hold over a ton without any more than an inch of bowing whereas yours will buckle like a licorice whip under half that!

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Cool Meat, I'm glad that you got a deal like that.

However, did you read my post closely???????? I got a twenty foot piece of 2" solid steel, and I had it cut into 4 bars. Two of them are 6 geet long, and the other two are 4 feet long. So I can make two dumbbells as well and I can further modify the bars by sliding some steel pipe over the outside and making the O.D. even larger.

I'm satisfied with my deal and the other guy that I sent in with is happy as well. He wanted something very stout.


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Hey Mike P.,

Do you think the pokes can beat the hawks this weekend? You guys down there had better hope that the hawks don't come down from Lawrence pissed off.

Jim :flame

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